Sic bo is a dice game with a very ancient origin. Like keno and backgammon, คา สิ โน ใน ไทย 96Ace sic bo requires the use of a game table and dice which will be used to draw numbers at random. The goal of the player is precisely to predict draws efficiently. Be aware that several online casinos offer you to discover this game for free and to practice unlimitedly and at no cost.

The different stages of the game:

  • Players begin to place their bets on the table.
  • Players can place an unlimited number of bets.
  • The croupier rolls the dice, which are usually three in number.
  • The dealer checks the results and pays the player if he wins.

Dice Face – Consists of betting on one side of the dice. If the correct side is drawn, the player wins his bet once. If he hits two heads, he wins twice the amount of his bet. The casino advantage is 8% on a Dice Face bet.

Two faces – Consists of betting on two sides. This bet pays 5 to 1 and the house advantage associated with this bet is 17%.

Totals – Consists of betting on the total face of the three dice. The player can bet from 4 to 17 for this bet, the payout ratio of which varies greatly depending on the casino.

Small or Big – The player bets on the fact that the total of the dice will represent a value between 4 and 10: he is then said to be making a Small bet. The Big bet is a bet on a total of the dice ranging from 11 to 17.

Triple – A Triple bet is a bet that predicts that at least three faces will come out the same number. The payout ratio is 150 to 1 for this bet! Unfortunately the house advantage is still 30% …

Any Triple – Simply bet on any Triple – the player does not specify which number will come out three times. The payout ratio for this bet is 22 to 1. The house edge is still 30% for this bet

Any Pair – Consists of betting on any pair. This bet pays 8 to 1 but the associated house advantage is 33%. The Any Triple bet is certainly the riskiest in the game.

Sic Bo winnings

The winnings may vary at sic bo depending on the online casinos. Before the start of each game, the player must take the time to consult the payout table. Thus, he will be able to inquire about the details of each combination and the various payment reports.

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