Finally An Effective Method Of Counting Blackjack Cards Without Being A Genius

This card counting technique was brought to the big screen in the excellent film Las Vegas 21, in which brilliant students from the prestigious American university Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more commonly known as MIT, fly to Las Vegas in an attempt to ” pocketing the jackpot at the blackjack tables. In this film, the students and their blackjack teacher are presented as math prodigies.

Obviously, before you start blindly, you have to go through the “theory” box. You need to learn how the strategy of counting cards during games to determine the house edge works, to be able to apply it and to know how to count cards in blackjack. If you have two hours ahead of you, we recommend that you watch the movie Las Vegas 21 which shows how the MIT group of players teach their members to count cards.

The strategy, as you will see in our article, is quite simple, but it takes a lot of practice, so you have to play and play again for the mechanic to be in your mind.

On the surface, the method is very simple. This involves counting the cards played during the game to determine the cards remaining in the shoe. To do this, it suffices to assign a number of points to a card or a group of cards, and to subtract or add as the cards come out of the shoe. The player must therefore count and mentally count the cards coming out of the shoe, while remaining focused on his game. Based on his calculations, the player will be able to determine when he can increase his stake at will.

Now let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used blackjack card counting technique.

The technique of counting cards with variants that we will also present to you, but here is the most practiced of them. Again, it’s not more complicated, you just have to understand it and apply: we’re sure you’ll love the concept.

So far, nothing very complicated. For example, if in a hand I have a 7 and a 3 then my total will be 1 point. The player must therefore bet when his blackjack card count result is the highest. Indeed, small cards are worth 1 point and large cards – 1, if the total of his card count is high, it means that a lot of small cards are already out, and therefore that the player will have more chance to see appear. big cards in those remaining in the shoe.

Innovative Random Number Generator System: 100% Reliable Games

Are you a strong supporter of online slots superstitions? This article could definitely change your mind! Indeed, with the revolution of online slot machines, technology had to follow… This is why many game developers have armed their slot machines with a system called RNG! This system has enabled online casinos to ensure reliable and profitable gaming for their players . But how does a random number generator work? We take you step by step through the gears of online slots and other games, to prove to you that this is a 100% reliable system and seriously checked by the authorities.

Let’s start by answering the question “what is RNG” clearly & precisely.

Online slot machines are all managed by a computer, which relies on several motors, allowing you to spin your reels with a click, and stop them at a given point. Subsequently, game developers will use a random number generator, in this case the famous random number generator, in order to add a reliable side to their slot machines.

This ingenious system has enabled casino slot machines to be better suited to the gaming expectations of players. The latter will be entitled to greater flexibility with regard to the management of their bets and their winnings on slot machines, and will be sure of the reliability of the game itself.

How are the cycles of a random number generator defined on a slot machine?

Since the RNG system was put in place to ensure fairness and transparency in online slot gaming, you can imagine that there are very specific cycles.

You would have to follow the different cycles of symbols on a given slot machine, in order to predict the different spins. It’s a long and painful job, knowing that there is necessarily an infinite number of possible combinations on slot machines. There you have it, you got your answer to the question “what is RNG” and now you know how this system works on a slot.

But how does a random number generator work on other games? The answer

The random number generator does not only exist on online casino slots, but on a number of other casino games. Indeed, from the adaptation of traditional casino games on online casinos, operators had to computerize everything in order to be able to provide a realistic gaming experience to players, whether on blackjack, roulette or even baccarat.…